Hello there. Welcome to The Aggie Rundown.

I’ve always had a somewhat obsessive interest in the finer details of football. Some of my first memories of the game are from watching Cowboys legend Jay Novacek catch passes on play action from Troy Aikman on Sunday afternoons. From passing concepts, blocking schemes and the variety and diversity of blitzes and coverages and how all the pieces flow together, I’ve always appreciated how all these intricate pieces fit together. I truly believe it’s akin to an ensemble of classical instruments in you have the ability to appreciate a variety of different expressions on any single song, or play and at the front is the composer, or coach, leading the way.

What I plan to do with The Aggie Rundown is to explain these finer points as often as I can and shed light on what many fans may not see. I plan on touching on a variety of subject matters including Texas A&M’s Running and Passing game, blitz concepts, and in addition to their opponents strategies and belief systems. The game is evolving all the time and I’ll do my best to keep up with these changes on this website so we can all learn something new.



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